A Bit Of Banter
Sara: ...And so I put my little headphones on and I started listening to music, as planned. And then I started listening to - sometimes this thing overtakes me where I want to listen to myself. Uh, probably not unlike masturbating, but more like emotionally. But I didn't want to listen to our record - because we play our record every night - I wanted to listen to our demos. So I was listening to this next song in demo form. Anyway, sometimes I do this thing where I tell hundreds of people what happens to me before I tell anyone else, and so that's about to happen.
Tegan: It's really exciting for us.
Sara: Um, it's going to seem weird. Uh.
Tegan: Like less weird than you saying you listen to yourself alone at night and it's like mastuurbating?
Sara: I wish I hadn't looked at you when you said the 'm' word. It makes me feel uncomfortable.
Tegan: Try being me!
Sara: Right -
Tegan: Why do you always tell the awkward stories,
Sara: Well -
Tegan: while standing there.
Sara: Well -
Tegan: When I'm only looking at you
Sara: Right -
Tegan: like we're having a conversation.
Sara: Okay, so why don't you turn and look at the people... Okay, so it's not really a funny story, but it's a funny-in-retrospect kind of story. So, anyways I started listening to this song, and I was like cool, you know, it was like it was a lot slower and a lot sadder, and then it got to the second verse and um, I got immediately, I got like choked up, like I started to cry listening to this song. I know it's funny, you're laughing. Laugh away. It's fine. I mean, I'm laughing now, too at myself. Okay, okay. Okay, I'm in this bunk, and this thing is just like right above my head, and I have my computer and I'm listening, and I'm like laying there and this song is playing and so the second verse comes and I start to get choked up and I start to cry. Like I'm crying, like there's like tears, and then I kind of start to sob - like inside. And then I had to take the headphones out and I put the computer away and I was laying there like crying staring out the window, and um, and then I realized, um, heh -
Tegan: - You realized you were getting your period.
Sara: Yeah! No, I'm serious. It's really funny, I started to feel like this weird sense of overwhelming, um, just like I didn't know what was wrong. I was just like, there's nothing that makes sense to me right now, and I'm just not sure where this sadness is coming from. Partly, it's that Ted is below me and he probably thinks that I'm masturbating because I'm sobbing, and that just upsets me that I'm like 30 and I have to share a cubicle with my guitar player, and I can't even cry, or masturbate! Um, I'm so sorry that I've said the 'm' word so many times. But for real, it occurred to me that I was going to get my period, and that's like a really girl thing, and I know that all the guys in the audience are just like, "I knew that this band was a tampon band!"... The point is, isn't it funny, how you can just have your period your whole life basically, and then it comes at the same time every month but you can't even remember it. You're just overcome with overwhelming sadness, like nothing matters and you don't know if you should live or die... and then you're like, "I'm going to bleed uncontrollably for a week, I feel so much better!"
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